CNC computer torsion spring machine--WSD-320

  • Wire Diameter: Ø0.2-Ø2.0mm
  • Handle length: ≤45*50mm
  • Spoolmaximum working stroke: 40mm
  • Spool minimal instruction value: 0.1°
  • Spool maximum command value: ±99turns±359.9°
  • Cam shaft set value: 0.1°-359.9°

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Technical parameters
Model WSD-320
Wire Diameter Ø0.2-Ø2.0mm
Handle length ≤45*50mm
Spoolmaximum working stroke 40mm
Spool minimal instruction value 0.1°
Spool maximum command value ±99turns±359.9°
Cam shaft set value 0.1°-359.9°
Axis minimum setting value 0.01mm
Lifting shaft set value 40mm
Output per minute 0-120pcs
Wire feeding servo 2.7kw
Cam servo 2.7kw
Winding servo 1.5kw
Traverse servo 1.5kw
Power consumption 5.7kw
Size 1280*1180*1650
Machine weight 0.5T

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