CNC computer compression spring machine--QZ-445

  • Processing wire diameter: 2.0-4.0mm
  • Maximum diameter of: 200mm
  • Maximum pitch: 60mm
  • Maximum feeding length: Infinite
  • Maximum wire feed speed: 120mm/min
  • CNC axia fixed quantity: 4axis

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Technical parameters
Model QZ-445
Processing wire diameter 2.0-4.0mm
Maximum diameter of 200mm
Maximum pitch 60mm
Maximum feeding length Infinite
Maximum wire feed speed 120mm/min
CNC axia fixed quantity 4axis
Wire feed axis power 5.5kw
Cut off the shaft power 5.5kw
Cam shaft power 5.5kw
Pitch axis power 1.0kw
Memory bank number 5000
Maximum command value X:359.90Y:9999.9mm
Minimum order value X:0.10Y:0.01mm
Equipment power supply three phase voltage400Vac 50Hz
Size 970*800*1700mm
Weight 1.4T

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